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 Zombie at the Gates
Zombies are invading your property! Collect resources as you fight them off with the goal of building a flying castle in order to escape!
Times Played: 1412 |Comments (0)
 Tiny Evolution Adventur...
Reach the top of the food chain in this Ludum Dare game made in under 48 hours!
Times Played: 1814 |Comments (0)
You have crash landed on a planet where level boundaries don't exist. Use this to your advantage to reach the exit flag in each level.
Times Played: 744 |Comments (0)
 Ripple Dot Zero
Check out this awesome platformer with a great soundtrack! Run, jump and hack your way through tons of challenging levels! Ripple Dot Zero is incredibly challenging and fun! Are yo...
Times Played: 2863 |Comments (0)
 Jelly Escape
Jellies need energy bolts to make it through the maze. Collect teh lightenings, avoid the fire, and blobby victory is yours!
Times Played: 1149 |Comments (0)
 Material Mole 3
Safely deliver minerals to the exit. Levels have dead ends, raise and lower ramps accordingly.
Times Played: 885 |Comments (0)
Clear the underground dungeons from monsters in this pixely bomberman-style game!
Times Played: 857 |Comments (0)
 Zombie Crypt 3
Navigate Gerald and Ronald through various crypts in this bloody puzzle platformer.
Times Played: 3145 |Comments (0)
 Fluffy Runner
Help the cute bunny get back to home while collecting food and useful power-ups!
Times Played: 12283 |Comments (0)
 Flawed Dimension
Unravel the mystery behind your weird transformation. Reincarnate and use your special powers to advance and slay enemies.
Times Played: 3872 |Comments (0)
Help Tio, the bioengineered blob, escape the lab. Use his three forms to help you navigate each level and reach the exit.
Times Played: 5774 |Comments (0)
 Rail of Death 2
Join the gold rush and escape from a mining tunnel in two and a half minutes.
Times Played: 4685 |Comments (0)
 Battle Cave
Battle Cave is an action platform game. Fight your way through 10 fiendish dungeons, fending off orcs, goblins, trolls, imps, wizards and cave beasts, to find and defeat the evil o...
Times Played: 5575 |Comments (0)
 Katawa Shoujo Lite
Katawa Shoujo is a heartwarming visual novel made by non profit studio 4 Leaf Studios. Castlevania style action game.
Times Played: 4186 |Comments (0)
 Wilt Last Blossom
You play as a father whose daughter, Lily, is the only thing keeping him going in the dark and decaying world. After bringing back food to your cave, Lily is abducted by a man in a...
Times Played: 12567 |Comments (0)
 Totem Jump
Take this totem to the sun by jumping from platform to platform and collecting power-ups. You can purchase upgrades with the coins you collect.
Times Played: 5930 |Comments (0)
 Run Baby Run
extraordinary platform action game in which you will have to help Bonnie and Robin to free fall in fantasy worlds before the ceiling reaches them. The items will help them on this ...
Times Played: 13981 |Comments (0)
Thinking outside the box may be required in order to reach each level's exit door as you attempt to escape Volcania.
Times Played: 32030 |Comments (0)
 Super Mario Crossover 2
You can guide your favorite games console retro hero like Megaman, Mario or that Castlevania dude through the levels.
Times Played: 16456 |Comments (0)
 Snow Tale
Your goal is to help our hero in his journey through the snowy hills of Snow Tale.
Times Played: 7188 |Comments (0)
 Bushido Panda
Control very agile panda warrior and stump on all enemies while grabbing bonus points and trying to figure out a way how to reach
Times Played: 3132 |Comments (0)
 My Undead Neighbors 2
Help Mr. Clumsy to find the key in each level from a haunted house filled with zombies, traps and treasures.
Times Played: 7356 |Comments (0)
 Ninja Game
This is a adventures fighting game based around the oriental seen, its a game about a ninja that go's
Times Played: 4735 |Comments (0)
 Kleine Castle
This is a story of two lucky rascals, Eine - a girl and Kleine - a boy by name, who set off for a trip having no special plans. And it happened so that they met a lot of adventures...
Times Played: 4548 |Comments (0)
 Slime Cake Quest
Help Slime get to the center of the Earth for cake! Give some food to Slime to help him growing.
Times Played: 3841 |Comments (0)
 Zombie Feeder
Your zombie is starving. He needs to be fed. Control your zombie to feed him. Get upgrades to make your zombie more powerful and feed him more and more.
Times Played: 3691 |Comments (0)
 Tremor Rocket 2
Blast obstacles, collect gems, use jetpacks and complete all levels to play survival mode where you need to score as much as you can!
Times Played: 1959 |Comments (0)
 Red Ball 4
Roll and jump your way through 15 new Red Ball levels as you embark on a mission to save the world from turning square!
Times Played: 6798 |Comments (0)
 Haunted Halloween
Help the Headless Horseman recover his missing head! Remove objects, alter pumpkins, and alter each level to help the skeleton head return to its body.
Times Played: 2159 |Comments (0)
 Through the Pacific
A little dolphin decided to travel around the world. He had a big and beautiful balloon.
Times Played: 2066 |Comments (0)
 Rail Bot
A bug has caused an error in the mainframe! Now-turned-evil TV has stolen your robot friends and locked them up in cages! Zipline railings and grind platforms to save your friends
Times Played: 1928 |Comments (0)
 Minecart Madness
What really happens deep down inside the mines? Pure madness, that’s what happens. See how far you can get in the minecart madness game by jumping onto platforms, over huge gaps ...
Times Played: 3431 |Comments (0)
 the Last Dino
The earth is spinning and the asteroids are crashing. All other dinosaurs have died and you are the last dinosaur that remains on the earth - literally. You have to run around the ...
Times Played: 1597 |Comments (0)
 La Llave Temporal
click the "comenzar" button,then select your character,and click "jugar" to start, your mission is defeat the evil enemies and find the treasure.
Times Played: 2040 |Comments (0)
help a dragon and its egg safely travel through over 20 levels. crush blocks and enemies and pave the way for it! Click an egg to start a level on level selection screen.
Times Played: 3005 |Comments (0)
 Super Mario Time Attack
Mario must get to Princess Peach before time runs out in this time attack game.
Times Played: 80678 |Comments (3)
 Nice VS Naughty
The Apocalypse is upon us! Which will win the ultimate battle the nice or the Naughty?
Times Played: 26496 |Comments (0)
 New Super Mario World 3
Another Mario world that is another short few levels to beat. Left / Right Arrow Keys - Move. Up Arrow Key - Jump.
Times Played: 69986 |Comments (0)
 Old Mario Bros
Run and jump on platforms and goombas in the Mario universe as you stay alive and complete levels.
Times Played: 51222 |Comments (1)
 Gum Drop Hop
Two lovely gums are in a funny adventure. They must complete the tracks without dropping down into the sea. There will be some cute obstacles on the road.
Times Played: 15051 |Comments (0)
 Heart of the Planet
Help her to reach the heart of the planet to save the world from the evil.
Times Played: 27202 |Comments (0)
 Star Scramble 2 Ghost I...
Super Mario is back. Collect shine spirits in each level and beat the final boss.
Times Played: 24801 |Comments (0)
 Paper Mario World
The mission in this Mario platform action game is to complete each little level. Use your arrow keys to jump and run and press space to use your hammer to crunch the enemies.
Times Played: 122304 |Comments (0)
 Super Mario Bros Star S...
Gather all the shine sprites as well as defeat Bowser to save the Mushroom Kingdom!
Times Played: 25845 |Comments (1)
 Free Super Mario Bros
remake from New Super Mario Bros, kill nearby goombas or koopa troopas as you are super mario played around on kingdom land.
Times Played: 15325 |Comments (0)

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