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4.0/5.0 - 4 ratings

Date: 2017-02-25

403 Users Played

Battle against your friends, AI, or Co-OP to defend against your bag of money from being stolen. When you choose the Player vs AI and PVP mode, each player on the opposite each will try to shoot each other for time limit of 1 minute and 45 seconds. When time is up player with the biggest score wins the game. In 2 player co-op mode, both players will protect a bag of gold from tiny thieves. Anycrate is a simple, yet addicting local multiplayer game that’ll keep your entertained and coming back for more competition. Follow the developer by Kirill Losev. Enjoy it on Creetor.


Player 1
X – Jump / Respawn
C – Shoot

Player 2
N – Jump / Respawn
M – Shoot


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