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Dino Melt - Info

Dino Melt
2.8/5.0 - 4 ratings

Date: 2017-06-03

183 Users Played

Play as a dinosaur that just survived the bizarre clay meteor strike Dino Melt. Explore the aftermath of the impact and go on a quest towards the core of this clay catastrophe. Enjoy it on Creetor.


KEYBOARD : Arrow keys – ASD for Actions – ENTER/P to Pause – Space Bar shows the MAP

GAMEPAD: Once detected, this game also supports gamepads. Buttons mentioned on in-game instructions are related to the Xbox Controller layout, but should adapt to other controllers.
(Analog stick/d-pad : move, AXBY for Actions (rIght shoulder button/trigger can be used to dash, once aquired) + Start to Pause and Select/Back shows the MAP)

Press ‘F’ to toggle Fullscreen!
And ‘M’ to temporary Mute/Unmute the audio.


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