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Brutes.io - Info

4.1/5.0 - 83 ratings

Date: 2017-05-28

6560 Users Played

Enter the arena to battle against other real live players in Brutesio. A multiplayer evolution brawler. Survive and evolve your character. You can choose from many ways to develop, customize, and improvement your character. It’ll be a fierce battle against other players as you smash, kick, and punch your way through. Upgrade between defense and offense abilities. Increase your strength and size by killing other players and collecting the leftover loots. Step into Brutes.io right now and battle with gamers from other countries and continents. How many opponent can you knock down and how big can you get? Enjoy it on Creetor.


To move, use right mouse button or WASD or arrow keys
To punch, use left mouse button or space bar or enter
To joust, hold punch button


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