Yan Loong Legend 2:Enh - Info

Yan Loong Legend 2:Enh
4.5/5.0 - 1015 ratings

Date: 2013-09-02

768959 Users Played

The enhanced version of Yan Loong Legend 2 : 3rd Impact, in this version player can execute combos very easily with just hit Attack key continuously.


player1 : WASD-directions, J-attack,K-jump,U-spell,I-roll,O-pause/skill panel
player2 : Arrow keys-directions, Num 1-attack,Num 2-jump,Num 4-spell,Num 5-roll,Num 6-pause/skill panel
You can customize your key settings on ‘Key config’ screen.

*Rolling can dodge enemies’ attack and projectiles.

*Item pick up: Move character over the item and press ‘down’ to pick up it.

*The game data will auto save while game scene is changing.


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