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Rogue Quest – Episode 1 - Info

Rogue Quest – Episode 1
3.9/5.0 - 8 ratings

Date: 2017-01-20

170 Users Played

Help the renowned treasure hunter, go on an quest to search for fame and riches. An ancient story told that in the crypt lies a fearsome “Leech King” with magnificent treasure and is just waiting for an adventurer brave enough to conquer it. Of course there may be some dangers to overcome: just the kind of adventure our daring Konrad was looking for! Help him finding the legendary treasure and leaving the crypt – alive, if possible. Enjoy it on Creetor.


A classical point ‘n click game – mouse only.
– Click on the bag to open your inventory.
– Click on the binoculars to spot the interactive items.
– Click on the question mark to receive a hint (BE CAREFUL though, the hints are quite explicit, use them only if stuck!)
– Click on the gears to get to the menu.


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