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The Beast Day Ever – Bunsen is a Beast - Info

The Beast Day Ever – Bunsen is a Beast
4.4/5.0 - 21 ratings

Date: 2017-02-25

709 Users Played

Go on a point and click adventure with Bunsen and his friends. Interact with object inside the game to figure out how to complete The checklist. Are you ready for the beast day ever? join bunsen, mikey, amanda and more in this fun and free online funny activity game. spend the day with mikey and bunsen in school, then hang out with them at home in bunsen’s wacky beast house. click around to explore and find special surprises and hidden secrets. in the beast day ever!, you can have fun and hang out with your favorite characters! in our fun online mini game bunsen is a beast: the beast day ever!, you get an all access pass to the lives of some of your favorite bunsen is a beast characters. in this addicting game, the characters are all waiting to play with you. click around and watch what happens! can you complete the checklist of fun things to do? meet new characters, take a selfie and many other fun activities! the more you play, the more awesome hidden secrets you find! check out bunsen is a beast: the beast day ever! and many other free online funny games at nick.com. how to play: use the mouse to click on the characters and items, as well as to navigate menus. Enjoy it on Creetor.


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