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Gunstar Heroes - Info

Gunstar Heroes
3.7/5.0 - 3 ratings

Date: 2015-07-11

460 Users Played

The Western version of the game storyline is different from the Japanese version. In both storylines, there is a God-like but evil robot, Golden Silver, that has the potential to cause extreme ruin. Through the efforts of the Gunstar family (twin brothers Red and Blue, sister Yellow, and older brother Green), the four gems that were Golden Silver's power source were taken and hidden. However, the vicious dictator Colonel Red (called "General Gray" in the Japanese storyline) used a mind control machine to enslave Gunstar Green and make him obey Red's orders. From this, Colonel Red has amassed all four gems again and hopes to reactivate Golden Silver, who Red falsely believes to be a bringer of utopia. The player controls Gunstar Red or Blue (or both in a two-player game) through several different environments to recover all four gems, fighting lots of small enemies and bosses along the way, as well as facing three of Red's lieutenants and the mind controlled Green, who fails to kill his brothers but escapes after they defeat his powerful, shapeshifting robot, the Seven Force. Afterwards, the player finds out that Colonel Red kidnapped Gunstar Yellow and Gunstar Red and Blue set off to save her, but after finding Yellow, the player is forced to give them gems to Colonel Red for her life, whereupon the Colonel sets off in a large spacecraft for the moon Gunstar 9 (G-9) where Golden Silver is located. Yellow is freed and the player pilots a small but fast spacecraft through space, once again dealing with enemies and bosses. After Gunstar Red and Blue arrive on G-9 and fight several previous boss characters, the gems turn against Colonel Red and Golden Silver is activated. The player must destroy the gems. If this is done successfully, Colonel Red will attempt to waken Golden Silver only to get himself destroyed in the process. The Gunstar family becomes concerned about the threat posed by Golden Silver, but Gunstar Green, no longer under enemy control, makes amends for the trouble he caused by attempting to sacrifice himself to finally destroy Golden Silver, though it is revealed that his brothers managed to save him at the last second.


Use arrow keys for D-Pad

Z - a, X - b, C - c

A - x, S - y, D - z

Use Space for Select

Use Enter for Start


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