Zombies Ate My Neighbors 3
Kelly Flock, the director of ZAMN, is extremely pissed at Zeke and Julie. The rascals not only killed Dr. Tongue and beat the game that Mr. Flock had put so much effort into, but they also stormed into Lucas Arts soon after, disrupting their workflow and giving him a wicked headache. Now Mr. Flock wants revenge, so he has taken over Dr. Tongue’s army of monsters to finish what he started. Dr. Tongue, who actually survived in the form of a talking skull, is not happy about having his monsters stolen, so now he’s helping Zeke and Julie in their new adventure. What horrors await our protagonists? What nasty tricks will they have to endure? Will Zeke and Julie survive this ordeal? Only one way to find out… Enjoy it on Creetor.

Date: 2017-09-08

1264 Users Played

Zombies Ate My Neighbors 3
4.6/5.0 - 14 ratings


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