Top Gear 3000
In the futuristic world, the greatest event in the galaxy is about to take place, it is a race, and you are participating in it. The race start at the forest reach of the galaxy and end at the center. For the winner the reward is riches beyond belief. The identity of the organization is unknown or lost through the mist of time. Try your hand at more than four dozen tracks in 12 different star systems. Speeding across undiscovered planets, you’ll need to collect power-ups and win cash to spend on interstellar upgrades and out-of-this-world weaponry. All the rules fly out the window in this fast-paced challenge that makes regular racing games look like ancient history. Enjoy it on Creetor.

Date: 2017-03-04

414 Users Played

Top Gear 3000
3.8/5.0 - 4 ratings


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