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Trucksform 3D
4.3/5.0 - 18 ratings

Date: 2015-05-11

1438 Users Played

Step into your transformation truck that can drive, shoot, and even fly. In Trucksform 3D, there are four forms of transformation, a normal Off-road Truck versatile, Gun Truck, Drill Truck, and Helicopter. Transform into which one based on the terrain. Features amazing 3D graphics. Off-road Truck – Versatile fast and durable truck that is best suitable for rough terrain, ramps and jumps. Gun Truck – Use your time to blast through obstacles than pass over them sometimes it easier. Drill Truck – When your guns can’t break down concrete walls and stones, look to the drill. Helicopter – For the most impassable terrains soar to the fly. Enjoy it on creetor!


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