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Long long time ago, there are two god-mans has defeated the great demon to save the world. One is Yan Bull Emperor who is the emperor of Yan empire. Another is Huang Loong Sage who founded the famous martial arts faction: "Loong Dao Faction". After the resumption of peace in the world, Yan, Huang sworn brothers, Yan as elder brother, Huang as young brother, who has maintained the world of justice and peace, be respected and loved by the world people.

Yan Loong and Zhi Loong are both the disciples of Huang loong Sage, Yan Loong is good at Fire dragon Spell, Zhi Loong is good at Green Dragon spell. Upon the order of Master Yan Loong inquired into the reason of the war in the world down the mountain,.Yan Loong found a dark force which caused troubles in the world, since Zhi Loong also was ordered to assist. On their way they encountered Swallow who is the disciple of the Inspirational Swallow Faction that another famous martial arts disciple. Swallow heard rumors of the disciples of Loong Dao Faction killing people occupied fields and houses, so she challenged Yan Loong’s party, Yan Loong useless in every possible way to explain only meet the challenge. After fierce fighting, Yan Loong beat Swallow, told her there must be some people do the evil things to shift the misfortune onto Loong Dao Faction, and persuade Swallow to join them to find the murderers framed Loong Dao Faction. Yan Loong’s party went to blue hill lake and found the murderer,he is Bai Loong who was a disciple of Loog Dao Faction before but he was expelled because a mistake. Bai Loong gathered a group of Dark Legion, occupied blue hill lake. After a desperate battle, Yan Loong’s party defeated Bai Loong and his men, but unfortunately Bai Loong escaped.

Bai Loong bore a grudge about Yan Loong’s party, he fled to Yan empire to meet Yan Bull emperor, shift his devilry onto Yan Loong’s party.Yan Bull emperor is Yan Loong’s uncles, he imparted Yan Loong “the Yan Skill”,after listened Bai Loong’s words he was very angry, and sent soldiers to arrested Yan Loong and Zhi Loong. Yan Loong Stated by capturing their soldiers about the incident, and decided to go to Yan empire to meet uncle and inflammation country confronted with Bai loong to restore their innocence. Bai loong sent the soldiers of his Dark Legion ambushing on Yan Loong’s way in a vain attempt to dispose of them. On the way of Yan Loong’s party they encountered Chi Fung, the disciple of Divine Phenix Faction.Chi Fung heard so much about a Loong Dao Faction, and he and Yan Loong are both use fire fighting skills.Chi Feng wanted to challenge to Yan Loong but after he heard Zhi Loong’s words that they will go to Yan empire to meet Yan Bull emperor Chi Feng changed his mind, he decided to challenge Yan Bull emperor who is the world strongest fire skills using man, so he join Yan Loong’s party to go to Yan empire…

The VS version of Yan Loong Legend series,you can select your favorite character to fight CPU, or other player.Updated the walking action of characters, new running action instead of old dash action.
More instructions please read in game help.


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