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Walkthrough ZOS


Leave the house and head left, past the village, into the digsite. Directly under the ledge is Master Movo. Speak to him and receive the Ashima Sparkdust. Pick up the Honian Heartfruit which is scattered around the digsite. Head further left to find Barkyo Oilstone. Use these three ingredients to mix a Fire potion.

Head back to the house and continue right until you reach the observatory. Enter and speak to Movo, then look through the telescope. Leave the observatory and continue to the right. Collect the Essence by throwing a Fire potion at the thorny plants. Go back continue to the right on the upper level, where you will find Duro. Throw a Fire potion at him to get his ship.


Walk left until you reach a waterfall. Save the woman by killing the snake. Continue until you reach the village. In order to get the Essence, you need to drink a poison and make your way through a cave under Argba’s hut. The way to survive this is to make a health potion and drink it after drinking the poison. In order to get the required ingredients, walk left past the village and scale Mount Ulahard. Mix a health potion (Honian Heartfruit, Holou Blazestones and Oblivian Bloodgrass). Return to the village and speak to Argba. Drink the poison from the cauldron, then drink a health potion. Jump into the cave and clear it. Kill the boss by throwing attack potion, while avoiding the stinger.


Walk right through Xinda. Note the position of the clocktower, but continue walking right to collect the ingredients for the Freeze potion. You will find Frezian Glaze in the freezer warehouse. Mix a Freeze potion (Frezian Glaze, Barkyo Oilstone, Olian Sightbean). Return to the clocktower and climb to the top. Freeze the clock by throwing a Freeze potion at it. Return into the clocktower and go past the now stopped cogs.

Teleport into the research facility. Throw a freeze potion onto the acid slime enemy, so that it is frozen on the press pad. Then stand on the other press pad, opening the door. Once you reach the teleporter room, open the door by finding and standing on the two presspads (found through teleporter one and three). Teleporter two takes you out.

Enter the tower. Climb up to the second floor, and use a Science potion on the computer to find out what floor requires special clearance. Use the lift to go to that floor, and collect the Essence.


Take the lift upwards and go right. Continue through the levels while collecting ingredients. Eventually you will reach a level where you climb upwards. On the right side is a computer. Use a Science potion to get the Jump potion recipe (Honian Heartfruit, Effluvian Gasrock, Vasberry). Continue up and you will be back at the ship. Drink a Jump potion, which will allow you to go left. Complete the levels and you once again be back at the ship.

Mix a Gravity potion (Effluvian Gasrock, Vasberry, Kzal Chert). Drink it and fly straight up. Move right and once again fly upwards until you reach Aeo. Avoid Aeo’s attacks until he ascends. Follow on the glass tiles and battle Aeo’s second form. Throw attacking potions at Aeo until he dies. Collect the Essence and jump down.


Walk right through the bazaar until you reach the border and Xelno Meehi. Speak to him, then use his vessel to cross the border. Shoot with space. Continue walking right until you reach the temple of the Order of Welauro. Speak to the woman. Her husband is about to be sacrified by the Order. Enter the temple, and clear it until you reach the ceremony room. Kill all priests, then help the man up.

Mix a Reveal Hidden potion (Olian Sightbean, Vivrian Adamant, Frezian Glaze) and throw it at the altar. Turn the three stones to match the symbols on the altar, which will open the door to the Essence. Collect the Essence, then leave the temple and use the statue to be transported back to the ship.


Walk right, through the city. You will reach the battlefield. Make your way through, while collecting ingredients, and you will reach Vanni. Jump down into the oxygen facility. Mix an Oxygenation potion (Honian Heartfruit, Ashima Sparkdust, Effluvian Gasrock) and throw it at the gas clouds. Continue left through the facility. Climb quickly to avoid the toxic acid. Kill the boss with attack potions, and be careful to avoid the toxic acid. Collect the Essence and continue left, which will take you back to Rani.


Walk right. Use a Jump potion to get up on the ledge. Clear the gas with an Oxygenation potion. Freeze the lava with a Freeze potion. Speak to Movo. Fix the ship with a Science potion.


Walk right through the city until you reach the dark level. Enter the factory. Make your way through the factory until you find the Gabbro Paragon. Mix an Explosion potion (Barkyo Oilstone, Gabbro Paragon, Effluvian Gasrock). Return to the city and the Orb. Throw an Explosion potion on the core to light it. Return to the level with the factory and proceed underneath the factory. Defeat the fungus boss by throwing attack potions at it when it is not covered by spores.


Walk right until you reach the brain. Use the explosion potion to temporarily damage the appendages on the side of the brain. While they are damaged, throw potions to damage the actual brain. In the second phase, avoid the brain as it sweeps from the sides. Throw potions after the brain shoots the laser. In the third phase, activate the altars with the same colour as the eye that is currently opened.


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