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Humanoid Space Race 2 - Info

Humanoid Space Race 2
4.3/5.0 - 13 ratings

Date: 2018-02-03

661 Users Played

Welcome to Humanoid Space Race 2, shoot down evil robots with your gun and jetpack. AUTHOR COMMENT: Thank you so much to the amazing Nikki Quemado who works so closely with me on my games and makes them come to life with art and sound. Thank you also to my brother, Brett Wright and Charles Handy for their friendship, support, and play-testing! And another huge thanks to my friend Domo for his extensive play testing and game dev comradery. He makes some cool game too! Check out his hit game Castle Woodwarf! Enjoy it on Creetor.


Controls are explained in the tutorial. There are 4 different control options that can be accessed in the options menu by pressing “P” to pause the game OR you can go to the option menu while in the HUB world.

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