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Cirno Bottle Launch - Info

Cirno Bottle Launch
4.3/5.0 - 12 ratings

Date: 2013-09-02

9188 Users Played

The object of this game is to launch Cirno as high as possible. This game is entirely mouse-controlled. To start the game, click the left option on the title screen (the right option shows you the manual, in Japanese, of course).Once the game has started, click the button under Cirno, and you'll see ‘1st Shake!’. Then, click on the bottle and hold the mouse button down while you shake it back and forth. Then click the button when it's sufficiently shaken (it can go up to 100%, but gradually decreases over time).Next, you'll be setting the angle. Try to click the button when it's pointing as close to straight up as you can. After that, it's time to launch! Click and hold the mouse button below the bottle, and then move the mouse up sharply. The higher the burst percentage showing (up to 100%), the better you did on the launch part. (Note: Don't spend too much time on these two parts, as the ‘shake’ percentage from the first part will still be decreasing as time passes.)But, you're not done yet! Once Cirno is airborne, a button will appear, and you can repeat all of these steps again for a ‘2nd Shake!’ and once more for the ‘Last Shake!’. However, you'll be on a time limit for these two, and the better you did on the previous part, the higher your time limit will be. If time runs out (or you did so bad at the previous part that the game didn't even bother showing you a button), Cirno will plummet right there. Also of note: The ‘shake’ percentage can go up to 150% for the ‘2nd Shake!’, and there doesn't appear to be an upper limit to the percentage on the ‘Last Shake!’. You can certainly get a few hundred thousand percent there (maybe it's even possible to get over a million)! Hopefully you've acquired a huge time limit for the ‘Last Shake!’, so you can get it really high!If you successfully launch on the ‘Last Shake!’, Cirno will blast off into outer space and boldly go where no ice fairy has gone before. The better you did, the higher you score, and with a huge ‘shake’ percentage, a good angle, and good burst on the ‘Last Shake!’, you should be able to achieve a score in the quadrillions like I did here! (I'm guessing the score is measured in meters, but I'm not 100% sure...)If a launch fails because time ran out or you did a part poorly, Cirno will plummet, you'll have a crappy score, and you'll get a different ending depending on whether you failed after the ‘1st Shake!’ or the ‘2nd Shake!’.When the final result of your launch is displayed, two buttons will appear. The top one lets you retry the game, and the bottom one takes you back to the title screen.



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