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Juke-R Drift - Info

Juke-R Drift
4.1/5.0 - 51 ratings

Date: 2014-03-13

3224 Users Played

Drive your way into a course with twists and turns that sends your car drifting. There’s a time limit for every lap and you score points just how fast you finish the race. It’s you against the twisting roads of Juke-R Drift. See how fast you can finish the course.


Use your keyboards arrow keys to drive your car:
- Up arrow key to accelerate your car
- Down arrow key for the brakes or go reverse
- Left arrow key to turn left
- Right arrow key to turn right
- SPACE : handbrake
Other keys:
- R key to restart the game
- C key to toggle view
- F key to toggle full screen mode
- M key to turn music on and off

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