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Teen Titans Go: Super Hero Maker - Info

Teen Titans Go: Super Hero Maker
3.3/5.0 - 3 ratings

Date: 2021-08-15

114 Users Played

The heroes of Teen Titans Go are looking for a new buddy in the Super Hero Maker game! If you ever wanted to be part of your favorite series, now is your chance! It seems that Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, and the others could add a new member to the team, and it's your job to create him! Do your best to make the perfect friend to join their adventures! Show off your creativity and use the items to your advantage! The Teen Titans are giving you a wide variety of options, so you can truly customize your character! Choose a body, face, and hairstyle, then pick the perfect outfit for your creation! Are you feeling inspired yet?


Take a look at the available categories and choose all the elements you like! To start, you will need to grab your mouse and Left-click on the pieces you want to use. You can put on and take off any item with just one click. Isn't that fun?

To create the perfect buddy for the superheroes, you can think of your favorite Teen Titan or simply use your imagination. Start by choosing a body type, skin color, and even facial features! After that, you can go ahead and choose a hairstyle, then try on every single top, bottom, pair of shoes, or accessories available!

This is not everything! You can even change the color of each piece you add to your new friend. Different items have various shade options, so make sure to pay attention and try every option available.

When you have finished making your Teen Titan, you will be able to create a cool photo to show him or her off! You can choose your favorite background or even add some quotes to your new creation! After you're done, you can save it or even start over!

The heroes of Teen Titans Go need your help! Show off how well you know the show and create the perfect friend for them!

Have fun!

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